Running e-reader workshops for staff and public

From the Fourth National Workshop:  here’s Gary Green’s presentation about Ebook sessions for staff, and Carol Marshall’s about Hampshire’s Ebook Dropins for the Public.


The Reading Agency, and CILIP / EBLIDA presentations

Now available:  Sandy Mahal’s presentation about The Reading Agency’s Digital Skills programme.  Sandy’s wi-fi connection dropped halfway through her presentation which meant we never got to see Shirley Book Club’s review of The Family (with, as somebody said, “comedy wigs”).

Also available:  Yvonne Morris and Guy Daines’ presentation about EBLIDA’s The Right to E-read campaign.

Shelf Free national workshop, 13 November – photos and Shelf Free update

If you have a look at this wall, you’ll find some blurry photos of the speakers and the workshops – enough to give you a flavour of the day (although it won’t show you how very cold the theatre was in the morning.)

Also here is the first presentation:  Shelf Free Update.  These are Stephen Edwards’ powerpoint slides giving an overview of the current situation from Shelf Free’s perspective.

Further presentations will follow as they’re provided.

Programme for the Fourth National Ebook Workshop

Here’s the Fourth National Ebook Workshop programme on Wednesday 13 November 2013, at the Library of Birmingham.

We’re extremely grateful to our sponsors, particularly Bibliotheca, our main sponsor:

Bibliotheca logoBibliotheca is the world’s largest company dedicated to the development, deployment and support of RFID, EM/RFID hybrid and barcode-based solutions to libraries.

Askews logoAskews & Holts Library Services are the UK’s leading eBook and eAudio provider to public libraries.  We offer an innovative and unique approach to an exciting and rapidly changing market.

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Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Oneclickdigital logoOneClickdigital are delighted to attend this workshop, to discuss with libraries how their already successful eAudiobook service here in the UK will be launching eBooks
for Libraries. Our focus in on providing UK published eBook content in a better way to library borrowers.

Available on the App Store and Google Play.

E-Lending tender for Library Authorities to join pilots

While one must salute the progress that has been made by SCL and the Publishers Association following the Sieghart review, perhaps it is not too churlish to float a few words of caution about plans for the e-lending pilots and in particular the current invitation to Library Authorities to tender for inclusion in the coming pilots.

While current plans are without doubt well intentioned and the prospect of co-operative working means that we are in a far better place than we were 12 months ago, if there had been time and opportunity for consultation, then current plans and the just released tender document could have been even better than they are. I am sure the Shelf Free community would have welcomed contributing positively to any draft proposals for example.

Firstly, as it stands the tender document has a very precise list of requirements, some of which like the separation of urban and rural pilots, could make it difficult for large Counties with a mix of population types, but vibrant e-lending services, to participate. Secondly, most of the weighting to chose participants is on technical matters which includes available budgets and there is no indication at this stage as to how much pilots are likely to cost. Thirdly, authorities are asked to produce management information, which of course they would be willing to do but without acknowledging that everyone will rely totally on e-book aggregators or the IT infrastructure to provide that. So the list of terms which authorities are asked to sign up to are somewhat out of their control. This leads on to the most important point. While the need for independent research and verification is entirely understandable, the appointment of a research company first and the appointment of e-book suppliers last in the process (they are to be ‘chosen’ in November/December) does risk getting matters in the wrong order. The success of the e-lending pilots will depend on having suitable platforms and e-lending services that will be able to test the variables that publishers have understandably stipulated. Let’s hope that there is enough in this economically for the e-book aggregators or suppliers when they join the process at the end of the year as their input is going to be vital.

For the moment, do we need to keep our fingers crossed?

Stephen Edwards

Testing the impact of e-lending

Society of Chief Librarians and the Publishers Association Invitation To Tender

“Testing the impact of e-lending both on-site and remotely upon the Public Library and Publishing sectors”.

This is an invitation to UK local authorities
The closing date for tenders to be submitted is the 1st November 2013
Here is some detail from the ITT document: (for full detail click on the link at the top of this post to go to the SCL website)

“Criteria for the pilots
Libraries and publishers have been working closely together to design pilots which control as many factors as possible, whilst varying four elements. It was agreed by the SCL and the Publishers Association that we should identify:

  • A local authority representing a largely rural population who will loan ebooks for 7 days
  • A local authority representing a largely rural population who will loan ebooks for 21 days
  • A local authority representing a largely urban population who will loan ebooks for 7 days
  • A local authority representing a largely urban population who will loan ebooks for 21 days

Each of these pilots will be asked to purchase a pre-agreed list of approximately 1,000 titles. This list will include a combination of front and back list titles from the major publishing houses, works from some of the most prominent authors in the UK and new titles as they are published. In turn, we will ask the local authorities (and their suppliers) to:

  • Meet the standard terms of business of each publisher
  • Meet standard accessibility requirements
  • Comply with industry-standard DRM and work with a secure and robust system
  • Provide a ‘click to buy’ button for all books included in the service
  • Be operational by 1 February 2014 (contractual agreements permitting)
  • Commit to allocating the budget and purchasing the pilot titles
  • Providing the pilot consistently throughout the year

Local authorities and their suppliers will also be asked to provide a report six months into the pilot and within a week of its conclusion detailing:
Physical habits

  • Change in number of members of the library service (and each individual library in the service)
  • Change in footfall to those libraries
  • Change in socio-economic profile of members
  • Change in lending and profile of the lending E-lending habits
  • Number of registrations
  • Number of logins per user, average and range
  • Number of books borrowed per user, average and range
  • Web analytics eg. consumer journey / entry and exit pages

None of this will have any affect on any existing e-lending service or contractual agreements that a local authority may already have in place.

Project Timetable
The indicative timetable for the project is:

  • Deadline for submissions: 1 November 2013
  • Short-listing of pilot authorities : 4 November 2013
  • Negotiation with short-listed authorities and interviews where necessary:
  • week beginning 11 November
  • Announcement of participating library authorities18 November 2013
  • Chosen suppliers / aggregators to enter into commercial agreements with publishers November / December 2013
  • Publishers to confirm list of titles following agent / author agreement:November / December 2013″

Fourth National Ebook Workshop

Shelf Free is pleased to announce the Fourth National Ebook Workshop.
10 am to 4pm, 13 November 2013, Library of Birmingham

Book a place….
This event is aimed at, but not limited to, public library staff, and is free of charge. It’s an opportunity to find out what’s going on nationally for example with:

  • Shelf Free
  • Society of Chief Librarians / Sieghart Review pilot projects
  • The Reading Agency’s Digital Skills programme
  • EBLIDA’s proposed campaign

It’s also an opportunity to start planning for a proposed National E-Reading Day in 2014. In the afternoon we are offering breakout sessions where we can learn from each other on the subjects of:

  • Running public workshops – helping people to use library ebooks
  • Promoting your ebook service
  • Ebook platforms and library management systems
  • Consortium purchasing

The full programme will be published shortly

We’re very excited that the programme will take place at the new Library of Birmingham. We’re hoping there will be the opportunity of a guided tour before the workshop, or you can follow a self-guided trail during the day.

Because of demand, we will be limiting takeup to one place per authority / organisation.

Sponsored by Bibliotheca, “The world’s leading technology supplier to libraries”.

Book a place….

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